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Looking to catch YouTube traffic? Nowadays, YouTube is widely used to promote, entertain and educate the audience. About 25 billion people visit Youtube every month, and is the second most used search website just after Google! So, it’s surely a great platform to get your video out there.

But the real question is how to get traffic on your video? From great competition comes great difficulties, and even some of the best struggle to get views on their new channels.

But if you are a beginner to youtube and want to know how to get more views and traffic on your video, then follow these tips. Because today we will try to help you out and we will discuss some hacks to get traffic on your new YouTube video.

Become an influencer

Promote youtube video

Get Started to get YouTube Traffic Now with the right Tricks

Your YouTube video process doesn’t end when the camera stops recording and you uploaded your video. The tips and tricks discussed today will focus on the following part, which is as important as the video itself, and they will help you get more traffic from and totally change your YouTube presence.

That being said, you won’t get traffic with bad or even average content. For these tips to work, you need to make quality content videos to gain and then retain your audience. So never forget to deliver high-value content on your videos, since you can market your channel as much as you want, but it’s the content that makes people stay.

And to make it quality, you don’t need hours of amazing video effects, don’t worry. Actually, many popular channels have basic editing or no editing at all! 

So, the high-quality video doesn’t necessarily mean high-quality editing and crazy equipment. If you don’t have a professional production team or tools, or if you lack the skills to make it look professional, don’t worry. Use the essential editing software available on the internet and make sure that your video is clean, engaging and well-scripted.

So, let’s get this started and see 9 ways and tricks to get more traffic after your video is uploaded, and completely change your change after just a few weeks.

9 Tricks to Get More YouTube Traffic

Optimize your video according to Youtube SEO Youtube is the world’s second-largest search engine by volume. So you need to optimize your video to get shown in the search results. Remember, SEO alone is one of the easiest and most reliable ways of increasing your traffic and overall ROI.

Upload Consistently to get YouTube traffic

Try to upload as frequently as possible without tempering the content quality. So, if you have time and resources to upload multiple videos in a week, then make sure you do that. Also, YouTube wants you to have an active and healthy channel so the algorithm will reward you, sooner or later.

Content quality

Improve channel appearance

Improve your channel appearance

Use an attractive profile picture and add a cool, custom banner to your channel. This will impress your subscribers’ and viewers’ experience. If you know a bit of graphic designing on creating custom banners and layouts, it’s well and good otherwise, and it will cost you compared to other free optimization suggestions.

Promote your video and interact with others

When it comes to YouTube, promotion is just as important as production. So, make sure you promote each of your videos through every channel you have, like Social Media, Blogs, Newsletters, or your Website. And keep interacting with other users, which can have a significant impact on your traffic. So, subscribe to other similar channels. Comment on videos of other people. If possible, you can even include a link to your video in other’s comments which you might find helpful. But consider that if you start posting too many links tho, YouTube might start hiding your comments.

Intract viewers

Optimized title and description

Add Annotations

YouTube annotations are a way of adding interactive parts to your videos. Their goal is to encourage your audience to do a specific task, such as subscribing to your channel, watching more videos, adding a comment, following your brand on Social Media Platforms, and much more! More annotations = more engagement and traffic.

Buy Real traffic 

If your content is good, then you can buy some traffic to get your videos kick-started and make YouTube understand that people like your videos. But don’t think about buying fake traffic for your videos and fool YouTube’s algorithms. These methods don’t work in the long run and hurt the credibility of your channel, because the bot detection capabilities of Youtube are getting better every day and Youtube’s algorithms are paying more attention to user behavior rather than view counts on your video. So, first, make sure that your content is great and worth promoting, then stick to real views only. You can buy real views on Lenos, which is a popular website for the purpose.

Optimize the Metadata’s

Metadata is all the information you enter about a video to help clarify and define the subject of a video these include your title, description, and tags of your video. Optimizing these three key sections can surely increase your traffic flow. So, make sure to include all the necessary information related to the video in these sections. Choose an attractive title to attract your targeted audience and use your description section to briefly explain what you are going to do or provide in the video. And, last but not least, add related and trending tags to your video, to extend your visibility on Youtube search and make YouTube understand what your content is about, so their algo (which might need some help!) will be more efficient by suggesting the video to the right people.

Make Great Titles and Descriptions

A descriptive and interesting title and description will provide enough keywords. It will allow the Youtube algorithm to sort your videos for relevant purposes and attract users. It will inform users about the relevancy of their need for the video, which will ultimately help you get more traffic on your youtube channel.

Make the best out of your Thumbnail 

Trust me, it can create wonders to generate traffic for your video by just optimizing your thumbnail image. Just make sure to use high-quality images that feature readable and engaging titles, and facial closeups, if faces are featured in your video such as vlog videos.

So, These were some simple yet essential tips and tricks that you can start using on your next videos, and I am sure that they will help you generate more traffic and grow on YouTube day by day. So, try these strategies and let us know in the comments how did it go!

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