Business Domain

Business Application, ERP, Supply Chain Management

Product Type

Business Application, Retail Management central Database accessible through Cloud


OpenInsight, MS SQL Server


DATAMATE is a Comprehensive and flexible ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has a mature architect and features specifically to support organizations that are in the business to make, move, or maintain products, including Trading, Distribution, Service, and Manufacturing. Datamate is user-friendly and easy to learn software solution that saves operational cost and time.

Modules: Procurement, Sales, HR/Payroll, Inventory, General Ledger, Projects, Imports, Production, Common Business Partner Executive Dashboard, Departmental Dashboard, Fixed Asset Management, Financial Report Writer, Bank Management and More.

DMmate features


  • User Friendly Interface
  • Easy to Learn
  • Mouse as well as Keyboard Flexibility
  • Shortcut and Standard Keys – Quick and efficient usage of the system
  • Drilldown and Interactive Reports
  • Exportable Reports – Excel, PDF, Text, HTML
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Customization as the business grows
  • Modular
  • Fully Integrated
  • Consolidation at Enterprise Level – Multi Branch Offices
  • System Accessibility – Standalone | LAN | WAN
  • Secured – Role-based and user-based Quick and Effective Remote Support
  • Maintenance Agreement for Business Operations Continuity

Licensing Options

Datamate/Essential (Complete financial software for single office setups)
Datamate/Central (Complete financial software for multiple branch offices and warehouses)
Datamate/Enterprise (Fully featured Datamate with offer of customization)
Datamate/G1 (General Accounting for Accountants, Startups, small businesses)
Datamate/S1 (General Trading solution with Purchase, Sales, Inventory, and Accounts. Suitable for startups & small businesses)
Datamate/S1 (General Trading solution with Purchase, Sales, Inventory, and Accounts. Suitable for startups & small businesses)

Implementation Requirements

Datamate provides flexible option of implementation. It can be accessible from a central remote server (in private or public cloud), LAN, or even on a single machine.


DATAMATE is helping many businesses in their inventory management and sales. If you’re looking for something more, we can add custom features and modify it according to your needs. Let’s have a discussion regarding to your business requirements. Talk to us and we will tell what is practically working in market. 

Need customization, modifications or enhancements

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