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Social Platform

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Mobile Application


Figma, Larvel, HTML, BootStrap, CSS3, JavaScript, Java, PHP


EXO HELPDESK is a web-based ticket management system. It works like an Omni channel where the company attaches all the platforms with it and receives all the scattered queries on EXO HELPDESK. Whether a user inquires on a social media page or through an email, agents/admins can view and facilitate the queries on EXO HELPDESK. All the queries are tickets and generated with unique IDs.
EXO HELPDESK also offers a chatbot to attach to the website and receive tickets on the EXO HELPDESK.



Reduce business costs by reducing employees
Handle all the queries on a single platform
Improve customer care services
Increase customer retention


Interactive App (Related to UI)
Keep a simple and straightforward workflow (UI)
A dashboard that manages all tasks (Development)
Notification assignment to the relevant agent or team (Development)
Stats in an easy flow with complete details (Development)
Easy to use Dashboard (Development)


You can sign up as an admin on the ExoHelpDesk from its website, add agents, assign them their roles, and perform all activities. If you’re looking for custom functionality or more features, we can add them and modify it according to your needs. We would love to hear about your business and needs. Give us a call or email, and we will get back to you earliest.

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