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Figma, Larvel, HTML, BootStrap, CSS3, JavaScript, Java, PHP.



Cybexo Inc. introduced the “DATAMATE” file sharing app. It is free and provides fast cross-platform transfer speed. Users can share GBs of data in a minute. It fulfills all your transfer needs. You can share any file, including videos, music, images, word files, excel files, folders, zip files, apk files, etc. Dropit file sharing app uses the local Wi-Fi connection to share files.


Here are DATAMATE app features:
Users can share large size files in a short time.
All types of files are shareable.
No need for the internet. It transfers data with a local Wifi connection.
Interactive and friendly user interface.



While developing the DATAMATE app, the Cybexo development team faced the following challenges:
Interactive App (Related to UI)
Keep a simple and straightforward workflow (UI)
Battery Consumption and Performance (Development)
Keep it Secure (Development)


You can download it from Google Play, sign up, and start sharing and receiving files. If you’re looking for a custom file sharing app, we can add custom features to this app and modify it according to your needs. We would love to hear about your business and needs. Give us a call or email, and we will get back to you earliest.

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