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Audience analysis is the core requirement to run your business and marketing strategy in perfect way. If you’re looking at what is audience analysis or you want to know about demographic and situational audience analysis, then you’re at the right place!

What is Audience Analysis? 

Audience analysis helps identify the audience’s behavior regarding their interests, attitude, level of understanding, and beliefs.

The audience analysis has three types.

  • Analysis before adaptation
  • Audience during adaptation
  • Analysis of audience after the adaptation

Usually, before we start a new business, we first configure our audience behavior and the needs of our audience. After identifying the requirements of the audience, we produce the product and deliver it to the market. We keep analyzing the audience’s behavior until they buy the products. Analysis of the audience before their buying is called audience analysis before adaptation.

The same as noticing the audience’s concerns while buying a product is called analysis during adaptation. We analyze how they assume our product. Did our audience feel at ease at the time of purchase? Did they found the product at economical rates? What are the things that attract them to buy the product? What are the things they dislike about our product? Why people prefer the competitor’s products instead of our products? You should analyze many elements in your audience. These analyses will help you improve your products/services; ultimately, they will expand your business.

We analyze customer behavior and many other things through their feedback after they use the product. You can take this analysis of the audience after the adaptation. Customer care services are very helpful to retain your customers and to analyze your audience after adaptation.

There are five categories of audience analysis.

  • Situational Audience analysis
  • Demographic Audience Analysis
  • Modern audience analysis
  • Psychological Analysis
  • Multicultural Audience Analysis

We will discuss the details of only two categories in this article: situational audience analysis and demographic audience analysis.

What is Audience Analysis

Situational Audience Analysis

Situational Audience Analysis

For the betterment of your business, situational audience analysis will be necessary if you are selling seasonal products. For example, you’re dealing in leather jackets, then it’s not possible to sell your coat in the summer season. You can only sell your leather jackets in the winter season. But, if you sell your leather jackets internationally, then you need demographical audience analysis first. Reasons you need situational audience analysis:

  • For business growth, we need to analyze multiple factors like the size of our audience.
  • How much potential of the occasion or event we’re going to target.
  • How much is our audience interested in our product? Should we motivate them to generate our leads, or are they well aware?
  • What would be the best way to deliver the product to the audience?

You need to analyze many other aspects, but these are the essential points on which you need to be aware before the time of your marketing.

Demographic Analysis   

Demographic audience analysis includes taking in factors such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Culture
  • Ethnicity
  • Marital status
  • Socio-economic conditions
  • Education
  • Occupation, etc.

For example, if the subject is healthcare and the audience is in their late fifties, your speech should be geared towards age-appropriate recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. Analysis of audience is core requirement of all businesses.

Have a look at customer satisfaction survey that will help you in audience analysis ultimately.

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