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Why App Store Optimization (ASO) is necessary? If you’re looking for the best App Store Optimization strategy, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the reason why ASO is compulsory, and the best strategy of App Store Optimization. 

App Store Optimization is a process that is used to make improvements on the app download page. It helps an app to rank on relevant keywords, is visible to users, and encourages people to download it. Things that we will see in the article:

  • App Store Optimization Strategy
  • Why is App Store Optimization important?
ASO strategy

App Store Optimization Strategy

steps of app store optimization

Following are the steps or processes that will make your app rankings higher in the App Store. These processes are the core requirements for app optimization. 

  • Perfect App Workflow
  • Competitor Research
  • Compelling Icons and Screenshots
  • Relevant Use of Keywords
  • Optimized Title and Description
  • Add Video 

Perfect App Workflow

Make sure your app is working perfectly. If your app workflow needs correction, then don’t publish your app. If you publish your app with bugs, your users will uninstall the app once they use it and dislike it on the app store. This thing will seriously damage your app rankings. 

Once you prepare an app, it must be checked by a quality assurance expert. Sometimes app contains bugs that are unable to identify by the developer.  

Competitor Research

An important part is competitor research. Do not ignore competitor research when you’re about to launch your app on the app store. Check what points your competitors have missed on their app download page. Also, check what keywords they are using to rank their app and how they describe their app features? 

Note all the pros and cons of your competitors and make sure you’ll make your download page better than your competitors. 

ASO competitor research

compelling screens display

Compelling Icons and Screenshots

Your app’s workflow is perfect, and you are done with competitor research. Now we know what type of styles have been used in our competitors’ app screens. Try to make more attractive and informative app screens. 

Relevant Use of Keywords

Search keywords that have less competition and high traffic. To find out these powerful keywords, you can use any tool that helps in searching relevant keywords. App Annie tool is the most popular tool for keywords research. Once you find out the keywords, merge them with keywords that you have found from competitors’ app download page. Remove duplicated keywords and filter out the most powerful keywords. 

Optimized Title and Description

Write an optimized title and description, and use all the keywords you’ve filtered in the previous step. Try to use the complete length of the description content. It will help a lot in ranking your app download page. Explain all the app features, and write down some lines in marketing style that attract users and force them to download the app. Use of keywords is necessary because users will find you only with the help of the keywords. Bold your headings and upload a clean and easy-to-read application.  

Add Video 

Add a short attractive video instead of placing a featured image. It creates a great impression on users and forces them to download the app. You can create multiple types of videos like you can use animations in the video, you can use a screen recorder and make a video on app usage method, and you can add real-world in your video. 


Final Verdicts

 There are more than 1.5 Million apps on the store. All the apps are competing for the same users. That is why App store optimization is necessary for each app because it boosts the recovery and conversions of an App. In near future, ASO will be the key requirement for the apps. 

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