Nowadays, a lot of frameworks have been developed to design a website. Some People prefer to develop code on their own if they are not well known how to code a website design they hire a developer or take services from website design company who implement the code as per the given instructions, or ideas. Whereas some people prefer to use platforms that do not need coding like WordPress.

In this article, you will see the pros and cons of both platforms which will help us to decide the better one approach.

Static HTML Website Design

It’s a markup language and used in the development of webpages. Many websites are developed by using HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). When we talk about static websites, they are developed by using these (HTML and CSS) languages but changes in the same static site is not an easy task, especially for a layperson. A developer is required for this specific task. If you have a small static website, it will be easy to manage or able to make minor changes easily. But if a static website is on a large scale. It seems quite difficult to manage/maintain through code.        

Can you develop a website easily? The answer is yes using HTML and CSS code, you can easily develop a static website easily but to create a dynamic site, you will need CMS integration during the conversion.

Here you can see some pros and cons of a static website using HTML


Fewer Requirements
HTML web design does not need a database. We can’t make a website that needs databases while we develop a static website using HTML. HTML converted sites basically need server requirements and these are used for the startup of small level businesses.

Need Less Maintenance
If you will need any changes in your websites it will take very little maintenance. Also, there is no need to update or maintenance.

A static website is developed with the help of HTML and CSS markups, which requires a professional. Its security level is high. No one can break its security without having good knowledge.  

Static Website design developed using limited functionality and the functional level isn’t even complex. So, it works efficiently. Static web design sites are helpful to load quickly. Users can view the site without the wait of much loading time.


 Require Developer
If you are not familiar with programming, you need to hire a programmer who develops your site and makes any changes after that. Because changing in already developed static web design is again a technical work. It is not possible for a non-technical person to make changes.

Additional Features
HTML is basically used for web design services. You can create a catchy web design but you cannot add extra features in it easily.

Update of a static website is a little long process, you may face issues while updating. Static websites are developed to not to make a frequent change. No need to update your website regularly, if you do not make any changes.

Of course, hiring a developer every time to make changes to your website will affect the cost.

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WordPress Web Design

Websites created with the help of WordPress are dynamic and multi-functional. WordPress web design and development is a PHP language based CMS platform. Multiple themes and templates can be used to make a website effective and secure in WordPress.

For small changes and updates, you do not need to hire any developer. Changes can also be managed through databases.

Let’s check out some Pros and Cons of WordPress


Dynamic Web Design
It is a CMS based platform, you can make your website dynamic and multi-functional by using WordPress framework.

You can make your website responsive too, by using a responsive template or themes. A responsive website adjusts its layout on every screen size.

No need to be technical to manage your web pages. Once your website is developed on WordPress, you can easily manage it.

Implementation of Themes and Templates
Developers use multiple themes and templates to develop a website more effective and attractive.  


A successful website needs several themes, templates or plugins, etc., but it needs regular updates too.  

Extra Plugins
There are multiple plugins that are used in WordPress, to make your website more attractive. Plugins also used to fulfill your client requirements.

Extra Care in Maintenance
Websites on WordPress are multi-functional. It provides multiple themes, templates, and plugins which take more attention to handle and maintain a website.

To make the website more secure, developers use WordPress security plugins. But these websites are less secure than HTML Static Website.


According to the features, WordPress is a more structured platform and is dynamic. It’s good to use by small and large scale organizations. Whereas HTML is more secure than WordPress. HTML create static based websites that are good for small organizations.

Both platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can select any platform on your own, according to your business requirements.

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