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Get Huge Traffic Without SEO

Drive huge traffic to your website by using different ways without SEO, check these tips.

Traffic from Social Media

 What if your website is not friendly? The best thing is that social media sites never depends on how much your website is SEO friendly.

Google love to see the visitors who are engaged with the website by coming from social media.

The best influence of social media websites is to grasp targeted audience. Try to retain your visitors, give value to them as much as you can do not expect much in return from them. That is the main crux of organic traffic increase rule.  

Guest Posting

Whether your website is SEO optimized or not optimized, guest posting is the most important element to make your ranking stronger in search engines. It is not only because it helps to gain valuable backlinks that make your rank up in search engines, but it also helps you to drive relevant target audience to your website. How to get successful guest blogging results? Never forget to follow these two major key points to be successful:

  • The title/idea of your guest post.
  • The by-line you leave in the end.

Focus on the title of your guest post, it should be particularly attractive and good. It will keep the readers in. After that all, it is up to the author bio to encourage them to click on the link and land on your website.

Here are some steps that you have to formulate in your own guest blogging strategy:

  • Prepare a list of all blogs in your niche that you would like to target. Make sure these blogs have the same targeted audience that you’d like.
  • Have strong check that all the blogs have higher domain authority than your website. Backlink from a higher DA website will have a better influence and impact on your search engine rankings. You can use the free SEMrush tool to see that.
  • Find what points are most important to the audience that comes on your blogs.
  • Come up with interesting titles keeping in mind the obsessions and needs of those readers.
  • Ensure that you are leaving your guest posts with a very fascinating and well-crafted bio that also contains a link back to your website. These links will not only help to drive traffic to your website but will also help you improve your search engine position.

Blog Commenting

Mostly bloggers and website owners think that blog commenting is an out dated technique and it will not work/worth anymore. However, it really works in a very well way. Key points to prove yourself in blog commenting is to understand how it works, how much relevant answers you are giving to the audience, how much you are helping them.

Use email marketing

While there are differences over the exact return on investment in email marketing, sources agree that it is one of the most useful marketing tools with a high return on investment. Brands can promote products, services or even content marketing initiatives through a simple email or newsletter.

To maximize the benefits of email marketing, try A / B testing, segmentation, and personalization. These tactics will foster a more personal relationship between you and the traffic that came to your website because they help you determine the content and topics they prefer.

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