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However, it is not enough to snap your fingers to increase your traffic! This requires the development of effective and relevant Google SEO strategies (2020). In other words, if you do not use good SEO techniques, you both disguise yourself as a sandwich man and scream with all you might in the middle of the desert, you will go unnoticed.

We have tried to introduce all the best Cybexo SEO techniques for search engines and users to notice!

The Fundamentals of Cybexo SEO

Before going into the thick of it, it is necessary to review the basics to understand how to refer to Google for free. A painter does not start a canvas without knowing how to mix colors! For starters, do you really know how organic SEO works with the Google robot and Google algorithms?

Do you know what is natural referencing?

SEO, also called Search Engine Optimization is simply the art of positioning your website in the first results of search engines (especially Google) through specific techniques and methods, called “natural”!

In a few years, SEO (natural, therefore) has become indispensable. It allows to generate quality traffic on your web pages by giving them better visibility in the long term. As you know, the web is a jungle where information swarms, and it is not the competitors who miss.

Make yourself noticed by optimizing your site as it deserves.  

Can you tell the difference between natural and paid SEO?

SEO is called natural or free SEO when you position your web page in the organic results of search engines. In other words, your page has naturally been selected by Google for its relevance to a specific topic or query.

Conversely, paid search (SEA) consists of buying keywords to sponsor your links and place them at the top of the search engine results over a period of time. As such, this practice can be likened to traditional advertising campaigns.

Why do SEO?

So, SEO or paid? Between us, it would be a pity if your pretty website goes unnoticed. Do not stay in the shadow of your competitors, be on the front of the stage thanks to SEO

Concretely, the natural referencing of the web site will give you the possibility to stand out from the lot and to be at the reach of your potential customers. Internet users interested in the types of products or services you offer will be able to access your offers more easily, which will inevitably increase your turnover!

In addition, remember that Google represents more than 93{2295d0dad657ab99e258985526f2345fbd008bdd6d75544407b1a2019c6b05bc} of the search engine market share for the year 2019 (according to my research). This means that it is imperative to reference a site on Google, to comply with the rules imposed by the giant so that your Google-friendly site has good exposure on the web!

In short, you will understand, SEO optimized sites will generate profits and will be much more effective than a distribution of flyers at the exit of the subway.

Create unique and qualitative content 

Do not go through four ways, the editorial content will clearly be your first asset.

To create quality content that will allow you to shine on search engines, start by determining your topic! Needless to say, this must be a topic that is generating interest on the web!

Wondering how to reference your site on Google for free? Here’s the procedure to follow.

To check strategic content I am putting an example for you of a “website design” keyword content. Check the usage of keyword, and check how the keyword is fitting in the content.

Look for influencers

These are sites, blogs SEO friendly or profiles on social networks that are well known. Then analyze their content to get an idea of ​​the most popular topics for the audience of a website.

To search for influencers, type informational and general keywords on Google and focus on the top ten results. You will access the best pages and the most recent articles proposed by the influencers. Do not miss to list these to find out what interests your audience.

Look for sites that “backlink” these influencers

These are sites that, in their content, generate external links (backlinks) to influencers. This will give you an overview of the trendy topics you can tackle.

With Ahrefs for example, all you have to do is copy and paste the URL of the site you want to analyze and go to the “Inbound links” tab to find other influencers who link to this site!

Opt for a popular topic related to your website or blog

Once arrived at this stage, wait a minute before plunging your eyes closed in the writing of your page! First, you need to find the main keyword.

A short-tail keyword is a generic word with a large search volume. Competition is very tough, you will have a hard time positioning yourself on this keyword.

Example: SEO tips

On the contrary, a long-tail keyword usually corresponds to a sequence of several words. Its research volume is lower. In other words, you will have less chance of a user typing this keyword, but more likely to find your site.

Example: Updated SEO tips to rank technology website 2020

Clearly define the type of content marketing

Do not write without finding an angle of attack! The same subject can be treated in different ways. Take care to stand out from the competition and think about varying the types of content for your website.

There are no miracle recipes, but some content tends to be more read and shared than others. Know that there are several types of viral pages today.

1. The trademark technique

You find a name for your solutions to impose your brand on the web content you create.

2. The essential guide

It is a very structured online guide (chapters, paragraphs) that informs the reader about a broad topic and whose content is ultra-qualitative.

3. The detailed list

This is a list of your best tricks, and tips on a popular topic.

4. The award ceremony

As an expert in your field, you award the prizes of your choice to the blogs or influential sites you want to recommend.

5. Informative infographic

The computer graphics synthesizes data from high-quality sources on a topic of interest.

6. The collaborative manual

Involve influencers on a topic they like by asking them a question and writing collaborative textbooks based on their answers.

7. The caring mentor’s approach

Little storytelling work! Show the relevance of your strategy and know-how by mentioning the success of someone who has followed your advice.

Are you interested in these techniques? These are easy to apply! We have written an ultimate and super detailed guide to different viral page techniques.

I have too many techniques to share with you and will come back to you soon with them. Comment, if you like these techniques or these are helpful for you and feel free to ask any question. Stay safe!

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