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A lot of businesses have an idea about how much digital marketing implementation is effective in retaining customers. But most of them do not have any marketing strategy to engage their audience. You will have a vision about what strategy you exactly need to have a successful business, read the full article, it will take your only 10 minutes and notes down where you are standing right now and what you want to achieve. Now, if a business doesn’t have any digital marketing strategy, it might face problems that can affect a business in a serious manner.

  • No Directions
  • Would not know the relevant audience
  • Competitors will hunt your existing retention
  • Missing powerful value proposition
  • Don’t know about online customers
  • Waste of money and time
  • No agile process that leads the strategy

I will discuss these challenging points in a little detail that will give you a way to think and apply a better approach for your digital marketing. Before I get into it, I have a question.

Do you have a digital marketing strategy?

As internet usage is expanding year by year, if we see 5 years back and compare it with today’s internet users we will find a massive increase of internet usage that is more than 50{2295d0dad657ab99e258985526f2345fbd008bdd6d75544407b1a2019c6b05bc}. Why people are using the internet? To get knowledge about their desired problem? Okay, what if they need your services or products but they can’t find you because of some lack of digital marketing that helps in your appearance? I have a short questionnaire survey report based on the above heading “do you have a digital marketing strategy?” Check what results I have got.

What challenges you face to create a digital marketing strategy?

Generally, people think about strategy making strategy for a business is too much time and effort taking thing. Because when they start working on a digital making strategy, they face several problems.

  • Where to start?
  • A massive/huge report.
  • What about funding?
  • Brand consistency and trust etc.

Read-only the bold words in the above points. No, it’s not like that you have seen by the way.

If you have just going to Start from level zero, then don’t keep your eyes at the top level. Yes, I know ultimately your goal is to reach the top but believe in one thing that superman is just a fictional character that doesn’t exist in real life. Just focus on your next step that thrust your business from level zero and stable it on level one. What is level one?  Find out what is the best thing in your product or service, how you are making a better difference from your competitors. Educate your surrounding audience with your service/product. Do not target for the sales, but keep them updated with your business. Ask them if they have any problem, create an FAQ. During all of this don’t look to promote yourself anywhere else except you nearby region. DO NOT focus on sales or promotions, just educate your audience, and they will convert your effort into sales.

Things Might Create HURDLES?

Huge Reports? Let me tell you one thing clearly, an effective marketing strategy report for a business will not take more than four A4 size pages, and you can make the best strategy according to your needs. Yes, it takes some time but that time will save many things (brand consistency, strong proposition, fast sales, etc.) in a long perspective.

Funding is a very common challenge for entrepreneurial and small businesses. They have trouble finding the money for marketing in order to get the attention of the audience. This is why you are going to make strategy, do not get in trouble, play smartly. Go organically, join social media, create an eye-catchy website, and write some powerful content. You will find queries when you start creating awareness about your products in front of the public.    

Brand consistency or trust-building is as problematic as funding. I would love to tell you again when people get educated in the way you are trying, they will trust on your product/service. Your trusted product will represent as a brand. So don’t get worried, look the above paragraph and start working on it.

So, if I repeat my points now that I have mentioned above with the name of challenging points. Do you have any image of how your business gets effected with those key points?  If you have no direction in digital marketing, then just let me know how you will reach your relevant audience? How you can create a strong proposition without resolving their queries? If you don’t interact with them, how you will know who is your customer? If you don’t know about your customers, how you will retain them? Agility comes up with a strategy, when you create an effective strategy you will manage it by the agile process.

I hope you have noted out where you are lacking. If not please go through again and trust me it will work. I will come up with more solutions meanwhile if you have any questions or need any consultancy, feel free to ask me and I will come with the best I can give you. Stay happy, and keep in touch.


  • Hina

    February 29, 2020 at 9:31 am

    Human Interactive factor is vey important for capture the space in the market.


  • Abdul Sami

    February 29, 2020 at 9:52 am

    I was looking for online market strategies and this article really helps me to have a vision to create a strong marketing strategy.I will implement the points you mentioned to cover the cons that might create hurdles.looking forward for your next article. I will also recommend this article to the people who are looking for #online_business_marketing_strategies


  • Waqas Ahmad

    February 29, 2020 at 11:08 am

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful information and can you please publish something about current marketing trend too, and how could I manage this all in low budget?


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