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Let’s cut to the chase. Today, it is easy to advertise on Tik Tok to earn money. The TikTok ads manager does not yet have the complexity of Facebook’s Business Manager (and TikTok has done a lot of work to make settings easier than on other platforms).

And since there are few companies on TikTok, it is easy to get outstanding performance without much effort. With the icing on the pudding, there is no need to have a TikTok account to advertise. In short words, there are few barriers to entry, and the ROI can be phenomenal.

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The Rise in Tik Tok Search

tik tok usage 2022

Today, the advertising social network Tik Tok has more than 500 million users worldwide and almost 50 million in the United States alone. In France, the number of users is barely approaching 3 million. But this figure increases at a speed that suggests that Tik Tok will become an essential platform in France in a few years. Every day, nearly 200 million users make use of this social network. Launched in 2017, Tik Tok has over 1 billion downloads.

It’s also essential to know that the actual users of the Tik Tok app are mainly young people whose age range varies from 16 to 30 years old. Over 65% are under 30, and over 40% are under 25. If there is insufficient data on the impact of the marketing campaigns broadcast by brands with this social network, we at least know that Musical.ly, the current Tik Tok, can generate almost 4 million impressions every day, which is already very impressive.

How to advertise on Tik Tok?

If advertising with Tik Tok interests you, it’s time for you to understand how it works. Let’s explore it in a few steps.

  • The Tik Tok advertising account
  • Creating a campaign
  • Set the budget
  • Define ad placement
  • Fine-tune your targeting
  • Budget and Calendar section
  • The Creation of the video
  • Optimization
advertise on tik tok
ad account in tik tok

The Tik Tok advertising account

You have to go to the Tik Tok application page from your smartphone or computer in this simple step. When you are there, click on “Create an ad”. You will have to fill in a form to provide a certain amount of information concerning your company. Once completed, you will have to wait approximately 48 hours to be contacted by a representative to finalize your Tik Tok account launch.

Creating a Campaign

When your account is validated, go to the “campaign” tab at the top right of your Tik Tok dashboard. The next step is to choose the objective of your campaign. You will be offered three options:

  • Traffic
  •  App install 
  • Conversion

Set the Budget

The minimum budget to start a campaign is $500. You will therefore select the “daily budget” or “total budget” tab, this is under the “parameters” tab.

Create a campaign

Define Ad Placements

You’ll define an ad group and targeting and placements. Placements are the platforms on which you want your ads to appear (Vigo video, Buzz video, News Republic, etc.). But if you find it hard to decide, you can also let Tik Tok choose for you. He will choose the location he thinks is optimal for you. Once the areas are determined, you will need to follow the prompts and insert all the other data necessary to launch your marketing campaign. These are display names like URLs, images, keywords, etc.

Fine-Tune Your Targeting

You will specify specific data concerning the chosen target, namely the web users who will see your advertisement. It is a question here of selecting the sex, the age group, the languages, the centers of interest, and others. It is also possible to target users on the Tik Tok application by uploading their identifiers. But for that, it is necessary to have a group bringing them together. The download will be in a CSV, TXT, or ZIP format.

budget and calemder slection

Budget and Calendar Section

The daily budget should be at least 20 dollars. Until recently, it must have been 50 dollars! After determining the daily budget, you’ll also determine how long you want your ad to remain active. It is also possible to decide on the hours of the day during which you wish to broadcast your advertising content. The same is true for the days of the week. That’s not all because you can also specify the speed you want to spend your budget with the Tik Tok platform. Standard delivery (split evenly) and Speed ​​Up mode consume your budget as quickly as possible.

The creation of the video

Tik Tok offers more than 300 music options that you can draw inspiration from to design your marketing video. You will also have to choose the horizontal, vertical, or square format.

video optimization


Choosing good-quality images and defining a CTA (Call To Action) is essential. In addition, ad optimization considers text placement that does not exceed 80 characters. At the bottom or middle of the image, the location will depend on the objectives and what you offer. You are all set! Just rock and start advertise on Tik Tok from today.

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