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Rules to create an effective website

Today having a website is neither an option nor a small pleasure for a company; It is an obligation Without a website, even a revolutionary business misses considerable visibility.

Given its size, the web is no longer something you can choose to ignore in your professional life. Every business or auto-entrepreneur needs to create a website to grow their business. If you haven’t already done so, get started on creating a website without further delay.

Today there is an impressive number of solutions for creating or improving your website. You are free to choose the one that suits you, however, it is essential to be aware of the monstrous abyss that separates a “website” from an “effective website”.

From your objectives to your SEO strategy, via your content, we are going to cross-check the 10 techniques that you need to implement urgently to go from a simple site to a professional and effective website.

Ask yourself the right questions

You want to get started in the creation of a website and you are right, digital transformation must not be long in coming.

But are you sufficiently prepared to plunge into the deep end?

  • State the objective clearly, no detours, no parentheses. Encrypt your goal, it will only be clearer and will allow you to have a scale to assess your progress.
  • Remember that the challenge stimulates motivation.
  • Don’t aim too high either. The unachievable never led to success. Define your objective so that you can divide it into accessible sub-objectives. We must see development and progress in stages.
  • You need to set a deadline that will allow you to assess your performance, take stock, renew or redefine the goal.

Define who is the target?

You have to define your target so that you can almost recognize it on the street. Answering these questions will help you:

  • Who are my clients?
  • What are their needs?
  • Where are they located?
  • How to reach them? By what channels, when?
  • What to tell them? What should be my message?

What does my site have more than the others?

When it comes to adding value to your business, benchmark competing brands, and websites and see what’s missing. Be critical, and ask those around you to do the same to help you.

Then make a list of the items that you did not find among your competitors. Ask yourself if you have these items. If so, you may have your added value.

Choose your domain name carefully

Now that the first rule is validated, let’s move on to the second, the choice of your domain name.

Yes, the domain name of your site is important. This is what will be used to find it on the internet, its URL.

The choice of your domain name should therefore not be overlooked. This is one of the main elements of identity for your website.

  • Do not see too long otherwise, it will be difficult to memorize
  • Think seriously about its spelling
  • Think twice before placing numbers and dashes.

Why? Because it must be memorable, easy to communicate both orally and in writing and representative of your activity, your business.

Once found, all you have to do is book it. If it’s already taken, take a look at the buyout platforms. Hopefully, it will go on sale!

Choose the site creation solution that suits your needs (and your portfolio).

It seems that you finally have all the elements to start the creation of your site. Does it remain to be seen by what means?

On the market, there are several solutions for creating a website. Including web agencies, freelancers and website builders. Each of these solutions offers different advantages and disadvantages. Be aware that depending on the solution chosen, the price of your site will vary.

Go through a web agency

If you decide to go through a web agency, a whole team of professionals will be made available to your project. Developer, Web designer, UI / UX designer, SEO expert, etc. Do not hesitate to inquire about web agencies or digital agencies.


You will benefit from complete expertise on the creation and development of digital projects. The members of the chosen agency will help you define your needs and the means to meet them. They will also offer you an SEO strategy.


The prices are high and inflate according to your choice of services. For example, if you want a custom-made design instead of a more classic design, you will pay more.

Also, going through an agency does not guarantee you to be completely autonomous in the management of your site in the long term. Apart, of course, if you have the necessary knowledge.

Start your blogging career

But you shouldn’t take the efficiency of your site for granted. Even after launch, it will need to be updated regularly to keep your new website working.

One of the most important things in making a site effective is to link a blog to it.

A blog is moving; new content is posted there regularly and visitors leave comments or likes. So the activity is incessant, it is the strong point of the blog.

If you create a blog and link it to your website, you can share content there frequently. This will help build your image on the web, recognize your expertise and improve the SEO of your site.

Think about SEO!

To be visible on the internet, you must optimize the SEO of your website, and this, continuously. You have to stay informed about new Google updates, new trends on the web, digital innovations and revolutions. Without it, you will go unnoticed among the 1.4 billion existing sites.

In short wake up thinking SEO, have your coffee thinking SEO, surf the web thinking SEO or just take a regular look at the Top 100 to select the SEO techniques to implement to boost your business.

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