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For 10 years, consumers have been turning their backs on traditional marketing. They have a DVR to escape TV commercials, they ignore magazine ads, and are now adept at surfing the Internet, where they surf equipped with anti-pop and anti-ad extensions. They select information online without paying attention to banner designs or buttons (making them off-topic).

Next-generation marketers have realized that traditional promotion is becoming less effective, less efficient and that there is a better solution: Integrate content marketing into the overall business promotion strategy.

Focused on streaming

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on the creation and distribution of content and valuable, relevant and coherent to attract and maintain the attention of a well-defined audience and ultimately provoke the buying action of the customer’s share, in a cost-effective way.

Its goal is to attract customers to retain them by working on quality texts on a regular basis, with the intention of changing or improving the image of the company and the behavior of the consumer. It’s an ongoing process that needs to fit seamlessly into your overall marketing strategy and focuses on owning the media, not leasing it.

Content selling is basically the art of communication activities with your customers and prospects without selling.

An uninterrupted communication strategy

Instead of arguing about your products or services, you offer information that makes your buyers more alert.

The essence of this content strategy lies in the belief that if companies offer consistent and valuable information on an ongoing basis to our buyers, they will end up rewarding us with their purchases and loyalty.

And that’s what they do.

Content marketing is used by some of the world’s largest organizations, including Microsoft, Michelin and Starbucks Coffee. It is also a strategy developed and implemented by small businesses and individual businesses around the world.

Why? Because it works!

Content is the way of present and the future of marketing:

The difference between content marketing and all the other informative “pissing copies” put online by companies that have “stuff” to sell.

Companies are relentlessly sending you information, newsletter, spam, content flow, it never stops. The problem is that often this information is irrelevant and of great value, and that is very similar to hype.

That’s what makes content marketing so intriguing today in the environment of thousands of commercials being shipped every day. The right content strategy makes the reader stop … read … think … and act … differently.

The thought of leaders and experts around the world, including the Cybexo Inc. marketing team and hundreds of leading marketing thinkers, concluded that content marketing is not just the future, but the present too.

Marketing can no longer do without a quality informative website

No matter what kind of digital marketing trend you use, the content of your website should be an integral part of your process, and should not be a separate strategy.

The quality of content is part of all forms of promotions of your activities

Social Network Marketing: Content Marketing Strategy Goes Beyond Social Network Strategy.
SEO / Search Engine Optimization: Search Engines Reward Businesses That Publish Quality, Consistent Content.
Press Relation: Successful PR strategies answer questions that interest readers, and do not talk about their business.
Pay Per Click: For the PPC to work, you must provide, “behind” (the landing pages and the site) excellent pages and articles.
Inbound Marketing: Content is a key factor in guiding incoming traffic and leads.
Content Strategy: According to Roper Public Affairs, 80{2295d0dad657ab99e258985526f2345fbd008bdd6d75544407b1a2019c6b05bc} of commercial decision-makers prefer to obtain information about the company through a series of articles, rather than through advertising.

Seventy percent of consumers say that content marketing makes them feel closer to the corporate sponsor, while 60 percent say that business-focused content helps them make better product decisions.

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