In recent times, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) have taken more interest. By the way, this increase in VPN usage is not surprising. VPN is going to be an essential need for some purposes, I am going to explain some of the reasons. Have you ever think why people are getting aware of VPN or why people actually need a VPN? Because in real life we know that good and bad both people exist everywhere. So, we secure our things by locking them in a secure place where no one can see them or theft them. Same as VPN helps to secure your data from thieves who are searching or theft of others data for their own benefits.

There are too many environments and moments where you need a VPN, but to make some understanding of VPN usage, I will explain the most common reasons where many people are using VPN daily. Let’s have a look

  • Security From Public Wi-Fi
  •  Accessing Your Network From Other Place
  • Unblock Restricted Content,
  • Change Your Geographical Location
  • Helps to Protect From Hackers

These are the common reasons where you need a VPN. Let’s have some depth VPN importance and detailed dicussion on the reasons where we need it.

VPN Secures Data in Public Wi-Fi

Where ever you go, you will find many places like hotels, schools, airports, and libraries, etc. that offer free Wi-Fi access to visitors. These are some common places where you might need to check your email or indulge in any other activity that requires an internet connection.

These networks are not password encrypted as the network you have placed in your house for personal usage. This is because these networks are for public usage, and that is why it is easy to intercept this wireless network traffic. So, when you use these insecure networks, a VPN will help to secure your data while any Wi-Fi vulnerability occurs. It creates an extra layer to secure your data.  

Access Home Network from Anywhere

Have you find trouble situation like when you are away from your home, and you need some important files or data from your desktop computer. You might want to remote access your PC to get the necessary files, you can make your remote access secure by using a VPN.

Unblock Restricted Content


Thousands of websites are restricted in specific geographical locations where people want to access them and this is one of the major reason, people buy a VPN. Check these scenarios where VPN can help

  • Streaming While Traveling
  • Unblock Global Content

Streaming While Traveling

You might have Netflix paid subscription but you can’t stream it because you are traveling and out of the station where Netflix is restricted. A better VPN will not prompt any message like “streaming error…”.

Unblock Global Content

Most famous websites, but blocked in many regions:

  • Hulu
  • Youku
  • Hotstar
  • Pandora
  • Netflix

By using a VPN you can access all of their massive content. VPN protects your privacy while you access the restricted content.

Change Geographical Location

A VPN stands for Virtual Protocol Network. As its name is telling that it will assist virtually in network protocols. VPNs help to get restricted content through bypass the geographic locations. As a person in Korea (physically exist in Korea) is using VPN and virtually showing his location in America through a VPN, he can access google. 

Protect From Hackers

You may understand that the firewall in any system is only to protect that system and keep malicious attackers away from your system.  Hackers find your network through IP address and VPN only helps to protect by changing your IP address. So that a hacker will attack your VPN server rather than your personal network. VPN creates an extra layer on a firewall to protect your data.  

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