Building an Android app is a necessity for businesses and a boon for IT professionals. As we know that competition in the Android app development world is increasing today. And in this scenario, it is important to know other programming languages ​​besides Java, which will allow you to develop applications for both Android and iOS.

Environments to create an android app

android app development

We will see here how we create an android or iOS App without using java. There are multiple environments to create a mobile app but we discuss some popular platforms.

  • Kotlin
  • NativeScript
  • Ionic
  • Xamarin
  • Flutter

Android App Development Using Kotlin

It is a static-type Android programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. However, simplicity is the best advantage while creating android app on Kotlin. In Kotlin, you can do more with less code, which translates to a lower probability of errors. Other advantages of Kotlin:

  • Easier to Code.
  • Easy to understand for others as well.
  • Much Secure than Java.

In addition, the compiler helps to detect compilation errors, which helps to reduce possible errors. With Kotlin, you can program on Android and on iOS as well, since it is cross-platform. All these features make Kotlin a safe and reliable alternative to Java.


NativeScript is an open source development environment for android and iOS mobile applications, with Angular, Vue.js, TypeScript or JavaScript. The main advantage of this programming environment is native performance. You only need to set it once and NativeScript will adapt to work anywhere, adapting the user interface of certain devices and displays.

Another advantage is its extensibility. You will have access to the Android APIs, but you will be able to reuse the Android SDK, as well as find free plugins or templates in the NativeScript store.

Also, if you start programming Android apps with NativeScript, you will find it easy to learn. You will be able to apply the knowledge you have already acquired in JavaScript and CSS, but you will also have a multitude of resources, tutorials, and examples, as well as a strong user community that will get you up and running faster than you think.


An open-source code framework for developing hybrid applications, combining Html5, CSS, and JavaScript. It offers a free and open-source library of components, gestures, and user interface tools optimized for mobile devices, allowing to build fast and highly interactive applications.

The latest version of Ionic framework is “Ionic 5” which is designed for fast performance on any device. It helps to build efficient and optimized mobile apps that include best practices. Additionally, you can access native features easily through JavaScript. A library of native plug-ins is available to access location, Bluetooth, or the camera without any complexity.


Xamarin is an Android development environment created by Microsoft that allows you to create applications in C#. It is free and integrated into Visual Studio.

Xamarin ensures a good user experience by allowing you to build native Android mobile applications, which is essential for any application. Additionally, you can develop cross-platform applications with the help of Xamarin.



Flutter is a Google SDK designed to build Android and iOS apps, for mobile, web, and desktop, from a single codebase. Its programming language is Dart and it is characterized by the fact that it allows fast Android application development thanks to the Hot Reload feature. It allows modifications to be made without having to stop and start the application, which makes programming more efficient since it reduces waiting times.

It allows us to create features quickly, with a native user experience. Undoubtedly one of the SDKs with the most projection, since everything indicates that it will be with the new Android devices that are developed.


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