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The ticket management system is the most helping tool for businesses nowadays. We can say it is a basic need for every business that has a little wide range of customers, no matter how much the size of the company is. 

Why we need a ticket management system is your main concern right now? A ticket management system is used to solve customers’ problems in a very efficient and faster way. Not only that, it tracks, prioritizes, and organizes all customer’s queries in one place. Customer support teams can manage all these issues on the same platform. The ticket management system keeps the data safe as well as it helps businesses to analyze the customers’ problems and introduce the best solutions in front of them.

Cybexo Ticket management system has three major portions.

  • Merchant/Admin
  • Agent
  • Customer

These three sections have all the involvements in the ticketing system and we will discuss all their roles and functionalities in this article. But before we go into the depth of ticket management system working I would like to share some of its benefits/solutions of ticket management systems that are covering current business issues.

  • Request prioritization
  • Keeps record
  • Creates easy communication
  • Efficient and fast
  • Tracks time
  • Creates a professional environment
  • Organize all the work
  • Strong collaborative work environment

Although the ticket management system has more than given benefits that will be covered in our further discussion.


merchant admin
Merchant / Admin

Admin will create his own account as an admin role. After login, the admin can create agents who communicate with the customers on the behalf of the company. Admin can also create customer and can assign an agent specifically to any customer.  From the settings page, the admin can integrate social media channels with the ticket management system and can export all previous data. Admin can view all the analytics where open, closed, pending, and resolved tickets’ graphs are viewable.


Agents are also the company’s employees, they represent the company and communicate with the customers. The ticket management system is an easy or user-friendly tool to understand its process. Agents can communicate all the assigned customers without facing any hassle. They don’t have full rights like admin.

  • Agents can view the analytics of all the tickets that have been assigned to him.
  • They can also prioritize tickets according to the problems and customers’ concerns.
  • Agents can change tickets’ status (closed, resolved, pending, and open).


Customer Login Page

The base of the ticket management system is the customer section. All the things revolve around customers where customers can send their problems in the form of creating tickets and those tickets will be assigned to relevant agents who have many of the solutions at their fingertips. To make the work efficient, the ticket management system assigns tickets automatically to all agents in a balanced form and to relevant agents.

Please follow the link to get direct access to Cybexo ticket management system and feel free to ask any question you have in your mind.


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