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Many organizations rely on paper documents, both from an operational and management point of view. However, it is important to dematerialize. Switching towards digital business increases operational efficiency, improves your workflows, your customer relations as well as your company’s image with the public.
Most importantly, scanning allows you to access the electronic version of a document is lost or damaged. Companies working in the medical, financial and legal sectors are particularly affected by this type of problem.

Digital Business Impacts

Going digital, this strongly impacts the productivity and profitability of your business. It is often feared, as in most of the other improvements made internally, that digitalization involves costs and risks. Fortunately, experts confirm that these disadvantages can be seriously reduced when the dematerialization processes are well understood and managed.

Here are some reasons to move your business digital for 21st century entrepreneurs:

Dematerialization helps you in an emergency

By archiving your paper documents in an efficient cloud storage system, you prepare your business for any problem or emergency. It is much easier to find a document when it is available online! During a rush, or even during a natural disaster, your general management will be occupied with much more urgent tasks and you must not waste your time and efforts to try to locate paper documents or review a disorganized pile of possibly damaged documents.

Significant time savings for your teams

A business that relies solely on paper documentation loses tens of thousands of hours per employee in the effort to maintain, locate and update these documents. In addition, most of these documents are only valid in specific situations. Simplify searches and updates, rather than having employees who analyze unrelated texts and data in the hope of finding the exact information they need.

Documents in accordance with the legislation in force

Most businesses face many compliance issues, whether local, national or even international. In recent decades, many laws and regulations have emerged around the use of documents within the company. 

These regulations may deal with customer privacy, for example the company’s financial responsibility. Companies that have lost the original paper documents without having made electronic backups beforehand must face serious consequences for non-compliance.

Improve the flexibility and agility of your business

Digitization allows greater flexibility in the organization of staff since it allows the employee to work remotely. Among other advantages, note the significant decrease in the environmental footprint of the company and the increase in the satisfaction of the teams, appreciating being able to work in the home office. In addition, digitization can allow a business to reduce the workspace it needs, thereby reducing costs.


Simplify The Life of Your IT Department

Companies are increasingly aware, it is essential to know how to organize, manage, and correctly access all documents containing information relevant to the life of the company. A structured information governance policy is based on the use of elements in the house and in the cloud for more efficiency. This ensures that digital versions of documents are kept available in the event of loss or destruction of physical documents.

This also allows employees to have instant access to information, regardless of the service concerned. In short, with the move to digital, you can formalize document management protocols so that information is treated as a vital resource.

Recent studies have shown that the first post of overspending for a project is due to the poor quality of data provided. This can cost a company billions of euros a year. The more visibility you have to thanks to the dematerialization of your documents and improve the quality of the information contained in your files.

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