Ethan Marcotte used this term “responsive web design” in 2010. While web developers used to build and maintain different sites to accommodate all tribes of devices out there in the market. That was the time when a load of websites was increasing day by day and it was looking quite difficult to maintain the websites look same and user friendly in all sizes of devices.

What is a Responsive web design?

Responsive web design and development technique create a site that reacts according to the size of the user’s screen. Responsive designs optimize the user’s browsing experience by creating a flexible and responsive web page.

Things we get through Responsive Web Design:

  • It gives a consistent look to websites on across all devices.
  • It helps to achieve the goal to let customer view the website easily on any device.
  • Responsive web design present the business an eye-catching look to customers in a friendly way on every device.
  • Features remain same on all devices.
  • Fit the site according to screen size without changing any code.

Benefits of responsive web design in business:

responsive website design

Let’s have a summarize look that we will go through in our whole discussion.

  • Great user experience
  • Save cost of web development
  • Increase Business Reach
  • Easily manageable
  • Superior SEO
  • Combine all analytics and reports
  • Grow your sales and conversion rates
  • Enhance offline browsing experience

Great User Experience:

Without any doubt, user experience is the most important thing in any business specifically in any type of digital appearance. Especially user experience is most important for business websites like a good environment that attracts customers.

The ultimate goal of a business is to generate sales. Where sales are generated by the customers, and customers want simple, easy, and streamline user interface to decode the things. Simple browsing and easy features help to keep the customers engage with the website. It also increases the retention rate. 

Responsive web design make the achievement of these goal easier. Businesses are taking benefit from responsive designs and fulfilling the needs of market. That is why customers are using websites in a hassle-free manner.

Save Cost of Web Development:

For every business, the customer is the king. So, it should reach out to all of them. Whether a customer accesses it by using a mobile phone or using a tablet. With the use of different gadgets, it is difficult and expensive to reach out to all customers. Thanks to the responsive design approach who makes it easy. As businesses do not need different websites for different sizes of devices. Now it reduces the effort of developers too. A small team of developers codes the website in a manner that can run across all devices while having the same look. A small team of developers and less time of creation, reduce the cost of business ultimately.  

Increase Business Reach:

The internet community is increasing and at the same time smartphones and tablets are facilitating the users in an efficient way. Internet users can also browse their searches by using smartphones and tablets. Mobile users didn’t know that they are getting their search results that are only specified for mobiles, but responsive web design means one site can be implemented across all devices. 

The increase in the advancement of devices also increased the users. The reality is that the number of users accessing websites and searching the Internet via tablets and mobile devices continues to increase. These users expect to enjoy an optimal viewing experience regardless of the website they visit, and in case your website isn’t responsive or your mobile website is rather difficult to use, they will quickly leave your site for another one that offers a better experience.

Easy to Manage:

Imagine you got a situation where you need a professional person who can manage your site. Now just think about another scenario where you need no one to manage your site. The difference in both scenarios is obviously easy and cost-saving. Responsive web design helps in this way. It doesn’t mean you cannot make changes, you can change your content, your images, or videos whenever you need to change them but in a hassle-free manner. This is the new dimension of website management.

Increase Visibility:

We know responsive design means a website that can be manageable with a single set of hypertext links; therefore reducing the time spent maintaining your site. This thing allows us to reach out with a combined strategy of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The campaign of “SEO” needs a very long discussion. But SEO on responsive web design again cut your cost, time, and effort, because all the task you will run from a unified platform. Your focus and exposure will be stronger.

Combine Analytics and Reports:

Responsive sites reduce a mess of user track journey and also the mapping strategy that you build to get customer views. Because you have a single website and you don’t need multiple sites for different devices. That is why you will get the ease of monitoring and tracking of the site. You can track customer orders, check conversions, and get complete detail of the site within a few seconds. Responsive sites streamline the business in the way it should be.

Sales and Conversions Growth:

Responsive website design has proven to be very helpful for businesses in giving a boost to their sales and increasing their conversion rate along the way as well. These designs are beneficial to drive sales and conversions because users do not get any difficulty in finding or locating the desired product or service as well as these sites are easy to use. Your one site is reaching to all customers whether they are using mobile, laptop, or computer.  The more you get the customer, the more you get the sales. So, here you get some understanding of sales growth through the help of responsive sites.

Offline Browsing Experience:

Responsive design allows website owners to deliver quality content to audiences across devices, the capabilities of offline browsing using HTML5 mean that sites can be accessed easily ‘on the go’. As HTML5 enabled tablets and smart phones proliferate this will become increasingly important.  Email newsletters and content contained in hybrid HTML5 web applications will increasingly be consumed on the move and in the absence of an internet connection.


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