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Data or file sharing is very common and necessary where digital file sharing has always been a massive issue. Especially when we share data in our surroundings without having internet or wire medium. An old, simple, and successful method of transfer data are Bluetooth and USB. When we talk about android mobiles, Bluetooth file sharing method was so helpful. But that was only for the time being. With the passage of advancement file sizes getting huge and Bluetooth file sharing speed seems lower. Now it takes too much time to share a file of a few MBs. To overcome this problem, many app vendor companies introduced solutions in the form of an android application. Some of them are very efficient and able to send a huge size of files in a very short time, like the DROPit file sharing app.

Bluetooth method of file sharing has very limited features and range of file sharing where these android file sharing apps have many features. We will discuss some top file sharing apps and their features that will help you to choose the file-sharing app according to your requirements. Before going to step forward I would like to mention that Files contain any type of data like images, music, document, etc.

Top Trending File Sharing Apps

 Have a look at the list of android apps that are efficient in file-sharing:

  • SHAREit
  • DROPit
  • Zapya
  • Files by Google

We will see the features of all these file sharing apps one by one.

SHAREit File Sharing App:

This app uses Wi-Fi medium to share files from one device to another. Users can share files of any format whether these are images, videos, documents, or even mobile app setups that are installed on their mobile phones. Its file-sharing speed is up to 20Mbps.

This app also helps in file sharing from PC to mobile and mobile to PC by using the same Wi-Fi medium.

DROPit File Sharing App:

file sharing apps
  • DropIt is one of the best file sharing apps that uses the same Wi-Fi medium to transfer files and can share files of any format.
  • The current version of DROPit is which is the first version of this app. This is the first app that introduces QR code connectivity in its 1st version.
  • Its file-sharing feature can be used without having internet access. All features of the DROPit file sharing app are totally free.
  • Very easy to use with an attractive user interface. It saves a paired device for next time data sharing (No need to pair again with the same device).
  • Its sharing speed is up to 25Mbps. Depends on the paired device compatibility.
  • The best part of this app is that it is totally secure and follows end-to-end encryption while sharing files.
  • There is no hidden tracking and does not require any unnecessary permissions.

Zapya App:

Zapya file sharing app is also a most running app and it has the high-speed capability of file sharing without any doubt. Zapya is a cross-platform software that allows users to share files from Android, iOS, Windows PC, and Mac.

Zapya allows us to share content through QR code scanning. Users can even chat within the app while they are connected. Connectivity does not require the internet and data can be shareable to the nearby devices. 

Files by Google:

This one is Google’s official app that offers the functionality of any kind of file sharing within android devices. It offers the best speed of data transfer that is 480Mbps. Users can share files even they are offline but both devices sender and receiver should have the Files by Google app. Files by Google is a free app and the plus point is its ads free app. Not only this, but users can also use this app as a file manager.

Check out Cybexo mobile app development services and let us know about your thoughts on these apps features. Stay happy.


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