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Did you ever think that the problem with your website could be right in front of your eyes? This post will help you find a solution. Devoting your time to building a website and generating traffic for your website is difficult! We will see the most common problems in this article:

  • The subject is too broad
  • Bad Design
  • Limited Forms of Communication
  • Lots of Images and Little Text
  • Poor Social Media Promotion
  • Allow Enough Time
  • Bad Titles
  • Bad or No Optimization

The Subject is too broad

The choice of the subject is an important factor that can lead to increase traffic of your website or on the contrary to have fewer visits to your blog.
Usually, people prefer to create websites with very general topics. Here’s an example that if you create a hotel site, you will find it difficult to get a good ranking on Google because the competition is so high.
But if your site is about Japanese restaurants, the competition will already be lower and you will get more traffic thanks to the specificity of the subject.

You want to know more? We will help you choose the perfect topic for your blog and thus increase your traffic.

Bad design

The poor design creates a negative opinion the moment you open your page and can result in visitors never coming back to your site! First, think about the model you are using. Is it the best fit for your site? We have hundreds of templates for all areas of business, you can look for one that meets your needs and that will get you traffic.
Review your menu – sites with confusing menus will stop browsing your site.
Finally, consider all the little things and details of your site, in this article you can find the 10 things people hate to find on your site.

Limited forms of communication

limited forms of communication

Do you collect emails from your visitors and send newsletters regularly? Is your website registered in directories? Are you attracting visitors to your blog through social media? If the answer is no, this is one of the first things you need to do in order to increase your traffic!

Lots of images and little text

The traffic from Google (natural referencing) is the most important for your website. Note that Google reads the text you have on your site and not the text you have in pictures. If your website has a lot of images and little text, the content will not be (poorly) visible on Google and your site will not appear in Google search and your traffic will be affected.

Poor promotion on social media

poor promotion on social media

Social networks have enormous power in driving traffic to your website. Good social media management will help you gain frequent visits. A Facebook page and a Twitter profile are required to increase your site traffic. Find out why you need to be on Facebook.

Allow enough time

If your site is new, don’t expect to reach the # 1 position in Google overnight. A website needs time to appear and gain a good position in Google. Then, natural referencing will happen on its own.
We have some tips that can help you: Get your site to appear faster in Google.

Bad titles

Your article titles may sound great to you, but do Google consider them as well? Search engines read headlines differently than humans do. They read the keywords! We recommend that you do a keyword research that you will use in your article before it is published. Is there a demand? Is the competition high? Keep this in mind, because it will affect your position in Google and therefore your traffic.

Updates are not constant

A major problem for bloggers is keeping their websites constantly updated so that regular visitors can visit them often. Your readers will thank you for the new content and the search engines will see that your site is developing.

The site is too slow

No one likes to wait when we visit a website and people are going to have the immediate reaction to shutting down your website. Time is money and no one likes to wait. You can lose a lot of traffic due to a slow website. Learn how to make your website load fast.

Bad or no optimization

When it comes to the optimization of a website, we talk about several aspects that need to be taken into account and generally work. The keyword optimization of your website is used to get a better position in Google.
But do you take the time to work on your SEO? Optimization of images, even if this is not the main criterion, should not be neglected!
Are you optimizing every image you post on your website?
Another point we recommend is to study backlinks and link building on your site. Building external links to your site is essential to attract visitors and to show Google that your content is relevant.

All these settings that we have discussed, are very common and reason for failure in generating traffic on the website. Check your website critically and resolve the above issues to generate traffic. Note that you should have the best website look to increase the retention rate.


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