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Figuring out which specialization should pursue between Android app development and web development? Then, you are in the right place. 

Android app development is complex than web development. The obvious thing, in the android app development field we create android apps and in the web development field, we develop websites.

Android App Development

Before moving towards the depth of this field, I just want to give you a broader aspect. Android or mobile apps (android or app store) are only for mobile devices. It means Android developers are restricted to create apps only for android devices.

I have gathered information to let you know how app development is working, how many industries using android apps, what are the advantages and disadvantages of android app development.

  • Android development services
  • Android application development companies
  • How to create an android app for free
  • Finally Pros and cons

Android App Development Services

As all the businesses need to market themselves. They need to reach out to their customers, to facilitate their customers efficiently and easily. Not only these, but there are many more perspectives that increased the demand for android apps. In the market, mobiles are more than laptops and desktop computers, the mobile application’s usage is increased, and increasing continuously. Almost all industries are reaching their customers through the android platform.  

Android App Development Companies

A lot of tech companies providing android app development services because of business requirements. As it works as a bridge that covers the gap between companies and customers. The demand in the Android app development witnessed an unprecedented increase. 

Create a Free Android App

Besides all, If you are looking for an android app for your business and you are not a developer, you can create a free app without coding. Many online tools providing templates to create an app without code. Where app creation through these templates can give you a good idea of your business appearance. You can check out a software company too that performs complex tasks efficiently and economically. This approach will also help your business presence as a brand.   

Android app development Pros and cons


  •  Simple App Acceptance Process
  •  Hardware Independence
  •  Faster development & lower cost
  •  Reusable code
  •  Java and Kotlin as a programming language
  •  More than mobile app solutions


  •  Security issues
  •  Copyright Problems
  •  Device Fragmentation

Android App Development

How Web Development Reflects on Businesses

Web Development

Well designed and easy to use website represents good quality and values of a brand. It is proved that users leave sites very quickly which lacks in the design, catchy images, and text. Although three major things every website should have to follow to engage visitors, those are responsive design, engaging website, and visual content.

I have gathered information that helps in deciding to choose a good field.

  • Web Development Trends.
  • Web Development Tools.
  • Pros and cons.

Web Development Trends

When any business takes step towards digitization, it needs a website first and when any user opens a browser to search something. He/she attracts with websites. Every day, millions of new businesses take startup. Where most businesses need a digital representation and others are not well aware. Because of these startups, the stats of web development demand is increasing day by day.

Web Development Tools

More than 65 percent of websites are designed and developed by WordPress and 20 percent websites using Wix and canvas to develop the website. These are the platforms/tools that do not need any programming or coding to develop a website, even these tools require less designing efforts. Now if a person wants to be a web developer while he/she dislike coding or has less knowledge about programming, it can be a developer with the usage of these tools.   

Web Development Pros and Cons as a Career


  • The scope is great.
  • Also, Work from Home is a possibility.
  • Endless opportunities to be creative.


  • Technology evolves on a daily basis.
  • Dealing with laypersons.
  • It can be too much time spending.
Web Development

Above all mentioned points in this article will at-least give you some idea regarding both fields. Please feel free to ask any question. Stay safe and stay happy.

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