In 2020, new trends have emerged in terms of graphic and web design. They are very important in creating websites and presentations. 

Graphic design trends in 2020

Graphic design is very important, it should create a balance between graphic, textual, and visual information. They aim to entice the visitor to scan their content. Graphics should provide visual comfort and make the content easy to read. 

In 2020, graphic design trends refer to font, color shades, illustrations, 3D designs, asymmetrical models, gradients, visual distortion, asymmetrical models, and more. Users bore with simple web pages so that the graphic design will contain more colorful and bright elements. It was found that black shades, in combination with a minimalist style, attract more users. Preferable shades are black over green and dark blue shades. 

In 2020, the bright images, futuristic models, handwriting style, UX design, animation elements are on-trend. We want websites to be as interactive as possible because they attract users. The use of distorted and asymmetrical images can also attract users because they are curious to understand them better.

People are getting bored with monotonous patterns and that’s why gradients in graphic design are in trend, smooth transitions from one color to another. Another trend is the use of futuristic images in graphic design, unique elements that will help brands have original content. 

Web design trends in 2020

The website must be clear and easy to read, visually appealing on any device, mobile, computer, laptop. The design of the website page should have done in a professional way, it must have an adaptable design especially on mobile devices. It matters the text, the media content, but also other components of the web page, which make the sites easy to use. 

Using a Menu button to allow access to important sections, namely: a personal account, Help function, prices, shopping cart for online stores, other aspects about the site. All these sections have the role of preventing the occurrence of difficulties when using those sites.  

Web Design Trends

In 2020, some sites will use those messages that appear in the corner of the monitor. It will present various notifications that may be interesting to users. They provide information that needs to be known on time to benefit from it (eg tickets to a show, concert, or something else). Sites should allow the option to accept or not receive notifications and in addition to configuring the frequency of these notifications. 

Graphic and Web Design User Experience

Web Design UX

Another trend in 2020 is the UX design (User Experience Design) which refers to simplicity, usefulness, and interactivity, consistency in terms of appearance and functionality, ease of use. The purpose of using the UX design is to increase user satisfaction and make them loyal to the site due to the fact that they had a pleasant experience. The faster the results, the more positive the emotions. This year, UX design is targeting websites and smartphones. 

Adding GIF animations to websites gives users the ability to find information faster on the Internet. It is about presenting information more efficiently if we compare it to the text content method. GIFs quickly convey complex ideas and information to users and can persuade them to stay longer on the site. 

Another trend is the use of white space, of space, among the elements projected on the page. Creativity can improve the design of the logo and shape the individuality of the business. The predictions of creative logos are stability, simplification, authenticity, gradients, the use of thin lines, and others. Animated logos, or made for a single image, are recommended. 

Minimalism helps a lot to simplify the interface by the hidden navigation bar, the use of details without exaggerating, the use of a minimum of colors and buttons. 

Interactivity is another trend that makes web design high quality. The idea is to create dynamic, interactive, complex elements. 

All these trends expand the opportunities for creating a professional presentation website in order to promote your business. Keep in touch with us, place your suggestions and questions in the comments section. So we will let you know about new updates. Stay happy!

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