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An important tool that is mostly used by top service providers and especially customer support operations is Ticket Management System (TMS).

What is the Ticket Management System?

Simply, it’s a software that allows a business to create and manage support tickets. Tracking the updates and details of the concerned problem until it is resolved. A TMS is a software that is used to organize issues, reports, and all updates.

Each support ticket includes key information about a customer service issue. Assigned to different team members, it provides real-time status updates on the problem.

An efficient ticket management system organizes information into a central location. It streamlines workflow. Eliminates manual processes, and improves communication between sellers and their customers.

 Why TMS software plays an important role in many business success:

  • Detailed service history
  • Multi-Channel Support
  • Service Metrics
  • Team Collaboration
  • Organized Customer Dealing

Detailed service History in Ticket Management System

The ticketing system keeps data of all individuals from the start of service, whether it is scattered or across multiple computers, even if the data is trapped in the heads of individuals. Ticket Management systems provide an organized, searchable history of service events.

This organized past information improves time efficiency and creates a healthy, fast-paced environment between the teammates. Historical service data can also help to provide a detailed history to clients/customers.

Multi-Channel Support

Every user has a different platform to communicate. Some users prefer to communicate on voice or video calls, these users got issues while others prefer to communicate through email, or live chat.

A professional CYBEXO TMS is designed to support a multi-channel environment. It means while using CYBEXO Ticket Management System, users/consumers can communicate in the way they like, where meanwhile all the requests funneled in an organized and centralized system for tracking, management, analysis.   

Ticket Management System | Multi-Channel Platform

Service Metrics

TMS has by default function to track vital service metrics like ticket resolution time, the average time of first reply, submission method, etc. These metrics foundation used to track the efficacy of any support team.

Custom reporting and dashboards are also trackable even every segment can be tracked, just imagine one. These metrics are mostly used to optimize service strategies.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Ticket Management systems allow a high level of collaboration across the company. Where team members can share information in different formats like file sharing, audios or videos, texts, etc. Ticket Management System makes collaboration secure, so employees/teammates can share sensitive data in less time and without any worry.  

Not only communicate, more than one person can work on a single project through collaboration on TMS

which is very helpful because during these types of collaborations multiple employees are able to handle the same event calls, emails, etc.

Organized Customer Dealing

An automated behavior of the client’s data-keeping in TMS makes communication in an organized way. It is easier for the customer to communicate through any channel he/she likes and team collaboration makes it efficient.

Other software features like workflows and reminders, settled up to keep an eye on the company’s services requests response in a timely manner and brought to a full screen.

The more customers that interact with a business will lead to a higher volume of customer support and service cases. Unless hiring more customer service reps to match the rising demand, this uptick puts more pressure on the team to multi-task and resolve problems simultaneously. Adding a ticketing system in the help desk is a great way to overcome this bottleneck as it provides scalable solutions for your customer service reps.

These are the situations where Ticket Management Systems plays a key role in representing the company’s repute. More, we will discuss features TMS again meanwhile please feel free to ask any questions. Stay safe, stay happy.

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