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Couldn’t get results in online marketing? How to get to know about the outcomes of your marketing strategies? You are missing some tools that will let you know about the results of your online marketing. To improve your efficiency and to reduce expenditures, you need some tools that will help you out.
I will show you some online marketing tools that will valuable to marketers of all shapes and sizes. So, start meaningful online marketing with marketing tools and stop putting yourself in a titanic mess of sharing your posts, keeping an eye on the post engagement graph. We will discuss.

  • Social media tools. 
  • Email marketing tools. 
  • Website SEO tools.
  • Customer Services Tool

Social Media Tools

Social media sites are the most influencing platforms on the internet. According to a survey currently, Facebook has more than 2.2 billion monthly active users, whereas Twitter has more than 320 million users and Instagram has well over 700 million users. These are the most worthy channels on social media where people are spending most of the time. That is why social media tools now have importance in marketing perspectives. Have a look at top trending social media tools.

social media tools for online marketing

Sprout Social Tool

sprout social tool

Sprout social tool is to meet the requirement of social media management. It manages all your social media inboxes in one place. Not only this, you can handle all the activities of social media platforms by using sprout social.
Although you can find many other tools to handle the same tasks, but sprout social is the most favorite tool than others. To check its working efficiency and benefits, you should use its one-month free trial version. Free trial of sprout social allows you to sync five platforms in one account, where you can manage all posts, comments, likes, shares, groups, pages, messages, and all activities of each social media platform.


Hootsuite is another online marketing social media tool. It has the same features as the Sprout social tool. You can sync all social media channels and can update posts or reply to your inbox messages directly. You can also communicate with all your teammates using Hootsuite, whether they are outside from the office.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Everyone is now well aware of online business, and the first vital element of online business is the website. After publishing your website live on the internet, how will your customers find you on google? You might need to optimize your website pages. From the development phase, you create your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. But after publishing it on the internet, your marketing needs more attention to keep the customers engage with your product and any new updates. So, what tools you have to use to reduce your time and efforts. Check the reasons why the website fails in generating traffic to the website.

SEO tools for online website marketing


MOZ is an SEO tool that helps you in searching your competitor links. It also helps us find out the DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) of each website. Currently, 75{2295d0dad657ab99e258985526f2345fbd008bdd6d75544407b1a2019c6b05bc} of SEO experts are using the MOZ tool, and they recognize MOZ as the best DA and PA checker. MOZ free tool only allows you to see ten backlinks of a competitor. The paid tool of MOZ is quite efficient and gives more outcomes for each website. Have a look at the fast SEO process.


Another powerful tool for website SEO is Ahrefs. It gives us the same outcomes as MOZ, but it shows DR (Domain Ranking) and PR (Page Ranking) rather than DA and PA. Some SEO experts compare results from both tools and then evaluate the website ranking and page’s ranking. Another feature of Ahrefs is, it provides a keyword generator tool to SEO experts. It helps users to explore new keywords, SEO experts can check the traffic on each keyword. They can check competition between the keywords and choose the right keywords for the website.

Email Marketing Tool

In online marketing, emails are the real power to retain customers. Email is a direct source that connects customers with the organizations. Are you struggling in handling your customers’ responses? Maybe you are still using your email box to communicate with your customers. So, when you chat at different times with one customer from thousands, how do you know about the chat history? You need to study it again? You can improve your work efficiency using email marketing tools. Whether you are running an email marketing campaign or you are responding to your customers.


Mailchimp is an essential tool in email marketing campaigns. Sending thousands of emails in a short time is impossible without Mailchimp. It helps us in creating and sorting electronic email lists. Twelve million people are using this software, and approximately sending 12 billion emails every day. Mailchimp sends automated emails and involves subscribers. When your online business-store connects to Mailchimp, this tool will fetch and analyze your visitors and customers data. It tracks the users’ movements and show it to you. So you can personalize emails and send them to specific users.

Customer Services Tool

Retaining your old customer is the only way to grab an influence apparent in the market, and sometimes it becomes the reason for an organization’s survival. Customer retention isn’t only about selling quality products to your customers. It’s about taking care of your customers by solving their queries on the products you sell them.

EXO HelpDesk

exo help desk tool

It controls all the customers’ issues. Customers can send their problems, and the customer support team can handle all the queries from this one platform. Customer support agents can prioritize tickets (issues or questions of customers in HelpDesk) and set the status of tickets like pending, resolved, etc. There are many more features in the HelpDesk tool. This tool increases the team’s efficiency. Exo HelpDesk tool is free for one month trial with full features. Price of this tool is pretty economical than others who perform the same tasks but charge high rates. Businesses need a ticket management system, and you some major reasons why a ticket management system important.

I have tried to bring the best and cheap tools for you in this article. The use of these tools will help you in digital marketing success.


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